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ICS News Bulletin - February 27, 2020

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This ICS News Bulletin includes the following:


  • Introduction by Sir Andrew Cash
  • Survey launched proposing important changes to Appendicectomies in children under eight
  • Have you heard about Doctorlink and the Rotherham Health App?
  • New report by Yorkshire & Humber Care Record
  • For A Greener NHS
  • Andrew Cash Twitter takeover day
  • Cancer Alliance produce two new videos
  • 569 Million Reasons – an update
  • Job Vacancy - Clinical Lead Mental Health Trust
  • News from our Partners
  • About

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South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System

Introduction from Sir Andrew Cash
Andrew Cash

This week’s newsletter features a number of initiatives taking place in the digital and population health landscape as well as a series of updates from our transformational workstreams.

We have launched a new and important survey about appendicectomies for children under the age of eight, and how the service can be improved in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. We endeavour to make sure that all surgery procedures, particularly those which involve young children, are safe and clinically robust. We would really like your help in sharing this survey across your networks.

Meanwhile, we learn about two health apps which are playing their part in the future vision for digitally-driven and integrated healthcare. Doctorlink and the Rotherham Health App are impressive apps that will benefit patients across the System and set the stage for how people will access healthcare in the future.

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System has already pledged to fund the development and integration of digital healthcare technologies, such as through the Digital Health and Wellbeing Charter for Yorkshire and Humber. The new ‘Joined Up’ report by Yorkshire & Humber Care Record is a timely reminder of how important it is to ensure we have a digitally-connected healthcare system which protects sensitive data and enables patients to manage their healthcare records in a way that puts them in control.

We also take a look at how we are trying to build a greener NHS. The climate emergency is also a genuine health emergency. We all need to play our part in adopting a greener, more sustainable way of living. The ‘For A Greener NHS’ call for contributions and I hope you show your support to this very valuable cause.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who followed the ICS Twitter account on February 11. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


I hope you will join me on my next Twitter takeover day on March 17.

Sir Andrew Cash
System Lead
South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System

Survey launched proposing important changes to Appendicectomies in children under eight
Childrens Surgery
An important new survey has been launched on proposed changes to appendicectomies (surgery to remove the appendix) in children under eight years old across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in our System that have looked at these proposals, recommend that the change in current practice and treatment is neccessary.

The proposal applies to children aged under eight, and for children with complex needs, to have appendicectomies performed at Sheffield Children’s Hospital instead of in the region’s other hospitals - typically affecting around 40 children a year.

For all other appendicectomies on children aged eight and above, these would continue to be performed in other hospitals across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, where they are currently performed. This would continue to exclude Bassetlaw Hospital, which does not carry out the surgery on children.

Over the last few years, there has been considerable review of current practice in this area, with a view to making children’s surgery safer and more effective for potential patients in the future.

Read more about the recommendations and proposals

Complete the survey 
Have you heard about Doctorlink and the Rotherham Health App?
Doctor Link
Patients within South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw are being encouraged to check and triage their symptoms on a new symptom-assessment app before attending a pharmacy or GP practice.

Doctorlink is an online consultation tool which aims to reduce the pressure on GP appointments. It has already been procured by four CCGs across the System (Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster and Sheffield) in 2019. Rotherham uses a similar tool called The Rotherham Health App.

Doctorlink was selected from the national framework and by implementing this tool, practices meet their contractual requirement of having an online consultation capability.  The project is centrally funded by NHS England until 2022/23.

Patients who download and use the app have their symptoms assessed using the app's intelligent clinically robust diagnostic algorithm.

Users are then directed to the most appropriate care, which could be either self-care, pharmacies, in urgent cases 999, or a GP appointment if appropriate.

Trusts across the System are encouraged to be aware of the Doctorlink tool in anticipation of patients as presenting following a recommendation to attend A&E from the app diagnostics

For a general overview and more information on Doctorlink watch this short video.

About Doctorlink
New report by Yorkshire & Humber Care Record
Yorkshire and Humber Care Record (YHCR) have published a new independent report.

Brainbox Research created the 'Explaining Population Health Management' (2020) report following its work with people in the Yorkshire and the Humber region to co-design and test explanations about PHM.

Findings from the research conducted are in the areas of Population Health Management (PHM), data security and safety concepts.

There were a number of methods involved in the research including workshops, case studies and focus groups. The research explored people’s views about whether their health and care data should be shared with different professional groups and used for different purposes.

In the co-design approach, YHCR conducted research to see how explanations could be created in the areas of:
  • Population Health Management - and how it means that local services adapt to people’s needs
  • Data security - how people’s records are kept safe and how secure they are compared to other sensitive records, such as bank details and HMRC records
  • Data privacy - who has access to identifiable and unidentifiable records
Previous engagement conducted by YHCR (Autumn 2018), Joined Up Yorkshire & Humber, showed that people want clear and simple explanations of how secure their data is, and who will have access to it. This new report highlights how this co-design and testing of these concepts has enabled YHCR to develop recommendations for the advancement of PHM. This is to help achieve their goal of helping people to stay healthy and to ensure that the care provided in a community meets its current and future needs. 

Read the report
For A Greener NHS
For a greener NHS
NHS England has launched a new sustainability campaign to help reduce the carbon footprint and emissions, whilst improving staff performance, wellbeing and working conditions.

For a Greener NHS is a new campaign which is seeking contributions from members of staff, patients, carers and anyone with an expertise in green energy and sustainability to see how the NHS can make improvements in its use of green energy.

Submissions to the ‘Reaching Net Zero - Call for Evidence’ looks to see how decarbonising buildings, travel, and products use can be reimagined.

An expert panel has been assembled which look at changes the NHS can make in its own activities from supply chains to procedures - in order to increase our overall sustainability.

Although sustainability efforts have helped cut NHS carbon emissions by 18% over the past decade, there is still a long way to go.  Air pollution alone is believed to contribute to around 36,000 deaths annually as a result of associated conditions - a figure which we can expect to keep rising. 

A 'Call for Evidence' is now open for contributions with a deadline for submissions of 22 March.

Submit your ideas towards NHS Net Zero
Andrew Cash Twitter takeover day
February 11 saw Andrew Cash's first Twitter takeover and record levels of engagement with the ICS account.

Andrew tweeted from ICS Twitter account, @SYBhealthcare, giving insight into the morning’s Health Executive Group (HEG) meeting followed by an afternoon visit to a health centre in Rotherham.

The HEG, made up of partner chief executives and accountable officers, convenes every month and saw Andrew tweeting about various items on the agenda, including a System update on coronavirus, the outline business case for digital pathology (to support faster and more accurate diagnoses) and our collective operational plan for 2020/21 showing how we will deliver this year’s elements of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Andrew went on to visit Rotherham's Broom Lane Medical Centre to hear about the Rotherham Health App. This enables patients to control their own health record management including the booking of appointments and viewing their medical history.

Twitter activity proved to be a success with over 11,000 impressions - around three times the daily average for the account.

If you have any queries or questions, or want to find out more about future Twitter takeover days, please email us:

Please follow @SYBhealthcare on March 17th for Andrew's next Twitter Takeover Day
Cancer Alliance produce two new videos
South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire Cancer Alliance has produced two videos to raise awareness of its 'Be Cancer Safe' social movement.

The videos are:
Be Cancer Safe is coordinated by South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire Cancer Alliance and delivered by the following voluntary sector and health organisations in each area:
  • Voluntary Action Rotherham in Rotherham and Barnsley
  • Aurora Wellbeing Centres in Bassetlaw;
  • Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust in Doncaster;
  • Sheffield Local Authority in Sheffield
  • Derbyshire Voluntary Action in North Derbyshire and Hardwickore people in our region are diagnosed with cancer than the England average and we know that catching cancers at an earlier stage greatly increases the chance of survival.
More people in our region are diagnosed with cancer than the England average and we know that diagnosing cancers at an earlier stage greatly increases the chance of survival – through a range of community based activities and initiatives Be Cancer Safe aims to make sure everyone is aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer, know what screening is available to them and ultimately increase the number of people diagnosed at an earlier stage

Find out more

569 Million Reasons – an update
569 million reasons
The second phase of our medicines optimisation engagement work across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw is now well under way. 

569 million reasons is a campaign that aims to explain and encourage local people to support the NHS in saving money by buying their own over the counter medicines.

We are looking for partners to help spread the word, share the campaign assets and key messages.

You can support the primary channels on:
  • Twitter - @SYBhealthcare / @569millionreas1
  • Facebook - @HealthandCareSYB
Find out more online at:
Job vacancy: Clinical Lead for Healthy Hospital Programme (QUIT) MH Trusts
Expressions of Interest are sought for the role of a Clinical Lead for the Healthy Hospital Programme (incorporating the QUIT programme) across the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) Integrated Care System (ICS) for Mental Health Trusts.

Role overview:
  • Reference: 132-284
  • Working Togther Programme 
  • As part of the new System-wide tobacco treatment teams to deliver QUIT
  • Based at Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Secondment: until 31/03/2021
  • Deadline for applications: 13/04/2020
News from our Partners
latest news
Here's a round up of the rest of the latest news from our partners across the ICS:
  • Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals is rated ‘Good’ by Care Quality Commission
    Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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  • Let's Get Digital
    The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
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  • Sheffield hosts national mental health conference
    Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group
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  • Recognition and Achievement Awards 2020 winners revealed
    Sheffield Health and Social Care
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  • Is it time to Rethink your Drink?
    Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust
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  • Construction starts for our new Children’s Emergency Department and Children’s Assessment Unit
    Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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  • Sheffield Girls' go above and bear-yond for charity
    Children's Hospital Chairty
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  • Health and Social Care in Sheffield - help Healthwatch Sheffield set our areas of focus over the next 2-3 years
    Healthwatch Sheffield
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