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October Monthly Update
A round-up of the latest news from Hinkley Point C.

Celebrating Five Years of Construction

The 29th of September marked five-years since the final contracts were signed and the construction of Hinkley Point C was given the official green light. Since 2016, thousands of people and companies have been employed on the project and significant milestones have been achieved including a number this year:

The first reactor unit and the blue steel columns of the turbine building
Reactor - The next 17m high concrete section of the first reactor building has been prefabricated and is ready to be lifted into place by Big Carl.

Turbine Hall - Work to build the 16m high floor for the first turbine and generator is under way. It will support the world’s most powerful “Arabelle” turbine which arrives later this year. Each turbine can produce more than 3% of the nation’s electricity, enough for more than 3m homes.

Cooling tunnels - 3.5 miles of cooling tunnels have been completed and six 5,000 tonne water intake heads are ready for installation.

Mechanical, Electrical and Heating - Work to install the 230 miles of pipes and 5,500 miles of cables is underway.

Skills - Training for the first cohort of power station operators has begun.

Grid connection - The country’s first “T-pylons” have been installed for the station’s 35-mile grid connection.

HPC viewed from one of 50 tower cranes
What’s next?

Unit 1’s second liner ring will be lifted into place later this year. It is the second of five pieces that make up the steel containment structure.

Once the containment building is complete, the domed roof will be lifted onto the top of the first reactor building.

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