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SPEN Preparing for Net Zero September 2021 Newsletter

Dear Mark

Please find below the September 2021 edition of the SP Energy Networks ICE monthly newsletter highlighting the important work we are doing to Prepare for Net Zero.

EV - SP Energy Networks Launches Free Online Tool to Boost EV Chargepoint Installations

SP Energy Networks have launched Charge Project’s ConnectMore Interactive Map (CIM). It is a free online tool that allows users to quickly and easily identify not only where public EV charging demand is likely to be high, but also where it can be accommodated by the electricity network with the minimum need for new cables or equipment.

The Charge Project is an initiative from SP Energy Networks and its partners EA Technology, PTV Group and Smarter Grid Solutions to accelerate the roll-out of public EV charging infrastructure across Cheshire, Merseyside, North Shropshire, and North and Mid-Wales.

To learn more about the launch of the ConnectMore Interactive Map, click here.

For more information on Project Charge, click here.

HEAT - £18M North Shropshire Reinforcement Project Enters Next Phase

We are moving to the next phase of construction of our £18 million major reinforcement project in North Shropshire, which is scheduled o be completed in December 2021. To reduce the carbon footprint of both the construction process and the future operation of the electricity network, new environmentally friendly materials and features are being used.

Mark Sobczak, 132kV General Manager our SP Manweb licence area, said: “We are delighted with the progress so far on this project in North Shropshire – our largest reinforcement project in England and Wales. This £18m investment will increase network resilience and enable future growth to support the decarbonisation of transport, heat and industry in the area.

To learn more about our reinforcement in the Shropshire area, click here.

FLEXIBILITY - Launch of GB’s First USEF Flexibility Market and call for 4.5MW Flex Services

SP Energy Networks have become the first company to successfully deploy a fully-functioning Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) compliant flexibility market in GB. The USEF provides the basics for a unified smart energy market and helps to ensure that projects and technologies are connected at the lowest cost.

As part of the project, we are tendering for 4.5MW of flexibility capacity across Leuchars and St Andrews in Fife. Interested flexibility providers and aggregators should complete the FUSION expression of interest form which will be available on the Project FUSION website.

INNOVATION PROJECTS – Our work with Welsh Government on UK first Integrated Energy Grid for Net Zero

We are working with the Welsh Government and other energy network operators on a strategic approach to develop an integrated low carbon energy grid. Delivering on Net Zero targets will require rapid transformation of our energy system to enable the decarbonisation of home heating, transport and industry.

We are the heart of this work, along with our fellow energy network operators, responsible for connecting homes and buildings with electricity and gas. The Welsh Government believes a planned approach is best suited to developing networks that meet the future needs of places and people and provide the best long-term value for society.

Frank Mitchell, CEO at SP Energy Networks, said: "We're looking to invest £650m in the electricity distribution network in Wales from 2023 to 2028, supporting hundreds of green jobs and enabling the decarbonisation of heat and transport that is absolutely crucial to deliver Wales' climate change targets."

To learn more about our work with the Welsh Government, click here.

COMMUNITY - SP Energy Networks awards over £85k to Two Community Projects

Two organisations WAT IF (Woolfords, Auchengray and Tarbrax Improvement Foundation) and the Auchengray Church Centre Trust, have received an award of over £85,000 from our Green Economy Fund to significantly reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of life for residents in the area, ensuring no communities are left behind on the road to Net Zero.

Our funding will support low carbon renovations and the installation of a ground source heat pump and insulation, and has helped one organisation purchase a 7-seater electric vehicle for community use. Through our funding we expect a reduction of 21.7 tonnes in CO2 emissions in the next year.

To learn more about our support for these community projects, click here.

For more information on the Green Economy Fund, click here.

Kind regards,

Stakeholder & Community Engagement Team

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