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SP Energy Networks Preparing for Net Zero – April Newsletter

Dear Mark

Please find below the April edition of the SP Energy Networks ICE monthly newsletter highlighting the important work we are doing to Prepare for Net Zero.

Electric Vehicles

Our CHARGE project will help meet the challenge of accommodating the expected growth in EV usage by developing a unique online solution designed to speed up the decision-making process around charge-point installation.

We continue our preparations to launch our ConnectMore Interactive Maps in early Summer 2021.

Developed in collaboration with our core stakeholders, the ConnectMore Interactive Maps will provide insight into both future EV charging demand and network capacity across the North West region.

More information can be found here.

Heat Up Innovation Project

Heat Up is a project which helps SP Energy Networks predict the uptake of electrified and decarbonised heat by using customer demographics such as lifestyle, age, employment status etc.

Heat Up is an important tool for SP Energy Networks, to ensure that no one is left behind as we accelerate towards a green future and our journey towards Net Zero, and this project will help ensure we are prepared for this transition.

More information on Heat Up and its ongoing progress can be found here.


SP Energy Networks accepted 140MW of Flexibility Bids in latest tender

Flexibility involves working with customers who can control their electricity demand or how much they generate. This then helps unlock capacity in the existing infrastructure as low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and electric heating systems connect to the network, and reduces the need for reinforcements.

Bids were accepted across central and southern Scotland, north-west England and North Wales at HV, EHV and 132kV. Bids for 3MW of flexibility across the full LV network were accepted at 33 locations, and we have accepted bids totalling 140MW of flexibility services following the latest round of tendering.

Customers interested in providing flexibility services can find further information here, or by emailing


Ensuring pace of change is fair for all on road to Net Zero

The Scottish Energy Networks Strategic Leadership Group has set out a new series of eight principles designed to ensure Scotland’s communities are at the heart of the drive to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2045. The principles aim to benefit every community, urban and rural, in a fair transition to a zero-carbon economy, an essential step in combating global climate change.

In the year when Glasgow will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) the Scottish Energy Networks Strategic Leadership Group aims to show what can be achieved when government, industry and regulators come together.

More information can be found here.


SP Energy Networks supports the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in North Lanarkshire thanks to Green Economy Fund Investment

In North Lanarkshire six community transport groups will benefit from an award of £1.2M from our Green Economy Fund. SP Energy Networks have supported the purchase of new electric vehicles that will be used to support vulnerable people to access appointments and community activities. Some community transport groups are offering their new electric vehicles to support the COVID-19 vaccination rollout by NHS Lanarkshire. In the long term, this will help reduce up to 32 tonnes in CO2 emissions in the next year.

SP Energy Networks looks forward to continuing our support of local communities and the vaccine rollout.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in traveling to their vaccination appointment in the Glasgow area, please call 0141 465 1878 to arrange electric

Find out more about the Green Economy Fund and the projects it supports.

Kind regards,

Stakeholder & Community Engagement Team

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